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Because of the unique nature of these products we have provided a brief overview.

This method of finance is increasingly viewed as the best alternative to conventional bank overdraft funding. Invoice discounting enables the customer to draw down funds against outstanding sales invoices. Generally, up to 90% of invoice value can be paid out within 24 hours of invoice submission to the funder. Invoice discounting is a confidential service with the client's customers, or suppliers, completely unaware that the funding facility is in place.

Factoring is similar to invoice finance but the finance house is more actively involved in managing the customer's sales ledger, issuing statements and collecting debts.

Over the last few years a new area of lending has been increasing in popularity- peer to peer lending.

Peer to Peer is a means for private investors, companies, pension funds and institutions to provide funding to creditworthy businesses. Typically the advance is from £10,000.00 up to £150,000.00 with funding periods from 6 months up to 5 years.
A personal guarantee (PG) is usually required to support the transaction.

We have relationships with a number of Peer to Peer intermediaries and as such we can assist and manage the application process for you.

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